Are you ready to Step into Your Stardom?

Helping Talented, Creative People, to Take the "Busy" Out of Business and Put the "I" Back into Your Life!  

I'm Nicki Shira Byrne; an Inspirational Coach & Mentor for Creative People. I am also a Professional Singer and the creator of Step into Your Singing Stardom™ Vocal Training Method.

I can help you to effortlessly create a balanced lifestyle, filled with your desires, using your creative gifts and talents to support you financially.    

I do this,  NOT by you following my model or anyone else’s, but by helping you to see that you already have everything you need inside YOU!

I do this through using my 3 Steps:

Connecting to your Inner Voice

Accessing your inner voice or intuition as your guide in your life and business, so that you are not following anyone else’s ideas or business model that may or may not work for you

 Effortless Accomplishment

Simplifying your amazing creative ideas and implementing them in the most effortless way, leaving you with more time for other areas of your life, such as family, self-care, travel, friends and anything else you desire.

 Step into Your Stardom

Leading you to feeling empowered to step into your stardom and to be confident to share your talent with those who really value you, so that you can create the lifestyle of your choice, using your gifts to make your living.


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